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The Home Gym Bundle offers you the opportunity to get fit or rehab anywhere. This workout bundle is ideal for physical therapy or for anyone looking to burn fat while working your muscles and firming your core. With the Home Gym Bundle, you’ll be able to do all the strength, flexibility, balance, and endurances exercises you need to get fit.

Includes: 65 cm Exercise Ball (weight limit 600 lbs.), 15 lb. Resistance Bands (2), Base, Exercise Poster & Pump.

Over 100 exercises all from this bundle.

Check out our videos to see the bundle in action.

The bundle also includes a glossy A2-size poster showing you the most popular exercises you can perform with the bundle. With its non-sticky PVC finish, you won't have to worry about your exercise ball collecting bits of hair, dust, or other unwanted particles. Your home gym will stay clean and sanitary.


Get started right away.

Everything you need is included.

The Home Gym Bundle comes with all of the items to extend your workout and keep you happy. Our resistance bands come with cushioned handles so you can exercise in comfort. Additionally, as you get stronger you’ll have the option to increase your resistance bands for more of a workout. This bundle comes with an exercise poster showing you different exercises and a pump to make inflation of the ball simple and easy. It’s time to treat yourself to your own home gym!

A Full Body Workout, Anytime and Anywhere

Don't ignore any muscle group - the exercise ball combined with the resistance bands provide a truly full body workout.










Turn Your Home into a Personal Gym

Say goodbye to gym membership fees, loud grunts and creepy stares - get fit from the comfort of your own home whenever you want and without an audience of strangers.

Workout With Stability

Otherwise known as a balance ball holder, this ring keeps your ball from moving while you do your core exercises and balance training. Do your isolations exercises without any fear of the exercise ball slipping away from you.

Engineered For All Fitness Levels

Whether you're just starting out, or if you have spent a lifetime in the gym, the Home Gym Bundle will give you a great workout. The bundle includes a pair of 15 lb. resistance bands, and when you are ready to take it up-a-notch, we also offer increased 20lb. and 25 lb. resistance bands.

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