Using Knee Sleeves in First Month of CrossFit

Using Knee Sleeves in First Month of CrossFit

I started doing CrossFit a little over a month ago, and have really enjoyed the journey thus far. I have lost 4% body fat, while gaining 3 pounds of muscle. With those results after one month I can't wait to get back in the box and see where I can take myself next.

I wasn't sure about CrossFit because I have pretty banged up knees from years of ice hockey, and most of the workouts tend to be focused on expositive movements using your legs and knees.

So far, the neoprene knee sleeves have been great in providing support on my knees during my workouts. They took one workout of getting use to having something on my legs, but now I don't miss a WOD without them. I'm only 31, but intense workouts are much harder on my body than they were 10 years ago, and any type of injury is something I strongly want to avoid.

I feel like the compression knee sleeves are helping me with the knee support I need to avoid injury, and for that I am very grateful. I ain't no spring chicken.

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