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Exercise Ball with Resistance Bands: Who Needs the Gym?

Finally the exercise ball has been taken to new heights. While the exercise ball is great for core workouts, the exercise ball with resistance bands expands workouts to a total body cutting behemoth.

I was first introduced to the exercise ball with resistance bands by a friend who gifted me one after my daughter was born this April. I had a really difficult recovery and was looking for a way to get back in shape without leaving the house. From my first workout, I knew it was possible.  After a 15 minute workout, I was sore for two days, which was great! Feeling the burn was validation that I was making progress and on the path to where I wanted to be.

The widespread exercises you can do are endless. The exercise ball with resistance bands included a video, and pamphlet, showing one hundred exercises targeting almost every muscle group in the body. It was like I had a personal trainer in my living room. I workout for 30 minutes, 3 or 4 times a week, and four months after delivery I am in better shape than before my pregnancy.

The resistance bands allowed me to hone in on the muscle groups I wanted to focus on, from my lower abs to my triceps. For me finding an at home workout was essential as a new mommy. The exercise ball with resistance bands is a true full body workout tool. It isn't just for people looking for an at-home workout, like me, but anyone looking for serious results.